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With the latest technology, a lively studio environment and passionate stakeholders, Ganz Studios is an energizing and intense environment, cultivating inspiration and dedication.

From concept to creation, from design to publication, our dynamic team of in-house creative professionals works together to produce the very best in family friendly entertainment.

By combining collectible physical products with engaging virtual worlds, we ensure your continued enjoyment, online and off. Find out more about the roles each one of us plays in building our award-winning products.

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Review of Amazing World on Games Finder!

"The children’s MMO space has been in need of something fresh and exciting for a long time and Amazing World is that game. Intended for ages 6 and above the game lets you explore a unique and colourful world full of activities. It’s from the same developers that brought you Webkinz so you already know that you’re in for a great experience before you even start your adventure." You can read the full review on Game Finder.

Amazing World Featured on Massively MMO Family!

Hats off to Karen from Massively! Karen recently took a look at Amazing World as part of her MMO Family column.  She had great things to say about Amazing World and we’re very proud to have been featured in her MMO column! Read what Karen had to say about Amazing World on Massively!

Tail Towns Friends: Enter a world of intrigue, treachery and love.

Announcing the beta launch of our new casual game Tail Towns Friends™ in the most social place online… on Facebook! Tail Towns Friends is a free-to-play Facebook game that will delight your senses and inspire your artistry as you decorate the beautiful country retreat of your dreams.

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