Tail Towns Friends: Enter a world of intrigue, treachery and love.

Announcing the beta launch of our new casual game Tail Towns Friends™ in the most social place online… on Facebook!  Tail Towns Friends is a free-to-play Facebook game that will delight your senses and inspire your artistry as you decorate the beautiful country retreat of your dreams.

Players can enjoy the familiar casual game play of harvesting, decorating and commerce, all entwined in an epic drama full of intrigue, romance and treachery.  Explore Greenwood City, where there is always a juicy secret bubbling under the surface for you to uncover.

As the Tail Towns Friends Creative Lead explains, “One of the key goals for Tail Towns Friends was to create a luxurious, relaxing destination that pampered the player like the best bed and breakfast you’ve ever dreamed of. A huge part of that is the lush graphics. “

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